On-brand presentations journey of a billion-dollar company

Why people found it difficult to create on-brand presentations?

PowerPoint decks were the center of attention at a unicorn billion-dollar startup that we had previously worked for. From board meetings to investment rounds, client dealings, and employee training, everything was based on PowerPoint decks.

How we created an on-brand PowerPoint template system?

Since we were responsible for making all client-facing decks beautiful, we were fully aware of the seriousness of the situation and the negative impact it could have on our company’s reputation.

The rise of beautiful on-brand Presentations finally?

The outcome of this whole activity was exceptional. People gradually started to get acquainted with new packs and their practices. And in no time, with the help of all the resources we had provided, the people started to create fully formatted decks on their own, with minimal effort.



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Fahad K.

Fahad K.

Co-founder ThinSeed | Product, Brand & Presentation Designer | ex-Afiniti Creative Lead